Housing Fair in Vuores 2012

This year the annual Housing fair is held in my home town, Tampere. As every year, there were good ideas and bad ideas brought to reality, but the photos I want to share with you, are of the ones that I found good 🙂

Great DIY idea for personal hangers.

My favorite kitchen, especially I liked the birch-white upper cabinets.

The curtains in this house are sewn by me!

Another pic of my own sewing.

Really nice interior design in this house, well done with combining the natural wood with grey, and not looking out-dated at all.

I really liked the idea with the wall painting, it shows the the shape of the room nicely.

Nice fence and gate, both very natural, but modern.

I would like to have a summer room like this!

The branch was so nicely lit and it bought relaxed feeling in the otherwise strict decor.

The roof was too cute, but the photo doesn’t show how cute…


Few Shots

Here’s a few shot’s from my domestic travels. The first one is from Kallo, Pori, which is about the closest place to the coast from my home. The second one is taken at Kuusamo, where I was spending the Midsummer. The photo is taken on the top of the Ruka fell.



New Blog!

This is a English spin-off blog of my Finnish one, Tuikin tärkeät asiat. I will be blogging to Cherry On A Sundae simultaneously with Tuikin tärkeät asiat from now on, and if you like, you can check the older post from there.

And the reason of this blog? Well, sometimes a girl just needs a cherry on her sundae and the world looks a bit better!