Almost Autumn



This Sunday started well with the nice weather. We decided to get one geocache from the forest, and at the same time I could pick some berries or collect mushrooms. I did find blueberries and rasberries that I could use tonight. My mother has done so good a job picking up berries already, so I won’t fill my freezer with my own lot 🙂


I also found this little frog, or actually very many little frogs, but this little fellow agreed to be photographed.

This vegan and almost organic berry desert was easily prepared:

2,5 dl Oat cream

1 dl Soy jogurt

2 dl Blueberries and rasberries

2 tblsp Cane sugar

1,5 tsp Vanilla sugar

1 tsp Lime juice


Whisk the oat cream and add all the other incredients. Add the sugar and the lime juice according to own taste.


Today I also started to make a fairisle beanie, that I didn’t finish last year. Let’s see, if this is the year that I can actually wear it…