Welcome 2013

Welcoming the New Year peacefully at home with cats and boyfriend, although the plans for the starting year are exciting and challenging 🙂


Mudcake which I wont be making again…

The cats seem to be interested and not scared of the fireworks. Happy New Year 2013!


Autumn Preparations

Autumn is not one of my favorite Season’s, but there is no other way than to cope with it somehow. I spent to whole day yesterday preparing my self for the cold and dark time doing the following things:

– Changing the Summer plants to more Autumny ones on the balcony
– Baking lingonberry pie and making cabbage casserole with lingonberry jam
– Crocheting an ear warmer

With these jobs done, I think I can manage through Autumn a bit better 🙂







Almost Autumn



This Sunday started well with the nice weather. We decided to get one geocache from the forest, and at the same time I could pick some berries or collect mushrooms. I did find blueberries and rasberries that I could use tonight. My mother has done so good a job picking up berries already, so I won’t fill my freezer with my own lot 🙂


I also found this little frog, or actually very many little frogs, but this little fellow agreed to be photographed.

This vegan and almost organic berry desert was easily prepared:

2,5 dl Oat cream

1 dl Soy jogurt

2 dl Blueberries and rasberries

2 tblsp Cane sugar

1,5 tsp Vanilla sugar

1 tsp Lime juice


Whisk the oat cream and add all the other incredients. Add the sugar and the lime juice according to own taste.


Today I also started to make a fairisle beanie, that I didn’t finish last year. Let’s see, if this is the year that I can actually wear it…